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Each Product purchased is sold subject to its Product Description which can be found on the relevant product page. We take all reasonable care to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of Products appearing on the Website are correct at the time when the relevant information was entered onto the system. 


Our mugs are not meant for display, they are designed to be loved and used but to ensure you get the most from your purchase you may wish to follow our simple guidelines. All our mugs are made from British manufactured bone china which is constructed from 40% bone ash. This makes a very strong yet thin mug which is ideal for everyday use.


Washing your Dear Ewe products by hand offers the the best way to keep your mug looking like new,  We also recommend washing your bone china as quickly as possible to reduce the possibilities of staining with strong tea or coffee.

It is fine to wash our mugs in the dishwasher. Please be aware that over time the glaze and ceramic colours on bone china can deteriorate with lots of dishwasher use.

Microwave Safe:

Please be aware that mugs may still get hot after two minutes in the microwave. We would advise that care is taken when removing a mug with hot liquid in from the microwave. Children should never be allowed to use any of our products with a microwave unsupervised.

Size Guide:

All product specifications can be found on the relevant product page.


Our textiles are made from robust canvas and cotton making them ideal for regular use. 


Sponge cleaning your Dear Ewe 100% cotton canvas tote bags and 100% cotton draw string project bags is the best way of keeping them looking like new. We also advise cleaning as soon as possible in the event of spillage to avoid staining.

Tote bags and project bags can be washed in a washing machine, on a cold water cycle only, then reshaped to air dry. As it dries, the bags will lose any stiffness and any creases will come out naturally. We do not recommend ironing any of our bags.

Size Guide:

All product specifications can be found on the relevant product page.


Careful planning of where you'll hang your artwork should lengthen its lifespan considerably. Bright daylight may cause colours to fade, our advice would be not to not place prints on walls that receive direct outside light for any length of time. 

Size Guide:

All product specifications can be found on the relevant product page.


If you think you are making Dear Ewe patterns as toys it is the responsibility of the maker to ensure that items made using our patterns are safe for young children if applicable. 


If you intend to sell finished Dear Ewe patterns as toys, then you must make sure that your product meets the essential safety requirements of the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011. You may find the following site useful :The British Toy and Hobby Association

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