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We have a winner! Craft Space Challenge Competition

You may remember that through the month of January we held our Craft Space Challenge Competition. The idea being that we would provide you with a little incentive to get your maker space, your crafty cupboards or a messy yarn stash, all neat and tidy.

We wanted to see your before photos of your messy craft-room, craft space or craft corner, photos during your tidying (optional) and then a grand finale reveal shot! And the incentive to tidy? Well one person would win their choice of one of our Framed Prints worth £26.50. 

Thank you to everyone that joined in the Craft Space Challenge Competition - we have now chosen the WINNER! Congratulations to MrsGMakes who sent in her entries via Instagram. She has an amazing loft craft space but it had all got into a bit of a jumble...

Messy Craft Space ready for tidying
Image used courtesy of Mrs G Makes

She decided to "take on the #craftspacechallenge in an attempt to get 2019 off to a brilliant start" and dove into the task with posting her before photos...

Another view of a messy craft room in need of organisation
Image used courtesy of Mrs G Makes

She then got tidying up the appearance of the room and decluttering each area until she had a gorgeous space left to be inspired in!

There's some great natural lighting coming from the sky light above her desk which Mrs G has definitely used to her advantage! Just look at that desk! We love the look of how organised it all is compared to her before photos. And how great that all of her scissors are conveniently placed next to each other and are within an arms reach while she crafts at her desk.

A beautiful tidy and organised loft craft space
Image used courtesy of Mrs G Makes

In her own words "gone are all the bags of half finished projects and in with some more red storage baskets to keep things neat and tidy. I can even see my desk!! I've also displayed more wall-art so it definitely feels like a proper crafty space."

Beautiful craft space - winner of the Dear Ewe Craft Space Challenge 2019
Image used courtesy of Mrs G Makes

The personal touches of the bright red we think add a lovely bit of character to the room

We love the idea of all the wall art too, that woolly wall hanging is amazing! It's so important to incorporate some of your favourite knick-knacks into your craft room to help generate some crafty inspiration!

Mrs G has chosen our "Crazy Yarn Lady' print as her prize and she said that she couldn't believe that she'd won!  

Mrs G we think your room now looks absolutely spectacular. We hope that you get to spend lots of time in this gorgeous clean and tidy crafting space! Congratulations again and we can't wait to see your new print hanging up in your room!

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