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The Messy Minds of Creative Crafters

Creativity is very messy and crafting can be even messier! And as the two come as package, it can lead to lots of MESS and CHAOS!

Our brains are incredibly complex and it’s theorised that 200 billion bits of information whizz through our brains every second! The crafters brain is also unique in that it has the ability to involve many different areas of your brain all at once - so it’s no wonder things can get a little messy up there.

According to some people, the brain goes through four stages when engaged in the creative process. . In reality, inside the mind of a crafter often feels like this:

When you are hyper creative, your creative mind operates on a different level. Your inability to remain excited about a project, once you get started, is not because you are lazy or have no dedication to a project, or just don’t care it’s because your brain is hardwired to want to spend all it’s time just embracing new brilliant ideas that make you buzz.

Research also suggests that by working on different projects you open yourself up to different modes of thinking which enables creativity! This is why crafters have several WIPs on the go at the same time - and you can now tell everyone that it’s actually not your fault!

Bringing order to the messy mind of a crafter:

We're flooded with so much inspiration on the internet and social media that, if we're not careful we can get swallowed up by it all, and end up with no finished WIPs to show for it.

But there are ways that you can take control of your mind and your WIPs!

  1. Take control of the time you work on projects: This will clear your mind of the chaos of thinking about multiple projects at the same time. One technique that has worked for Dear Ewe is shifting from project to project in fixed bursts of time – . Use alarms and calendars on your smartphone if needed. This allows your creativity to flourish without getting bored of one particular project.

  2. Set yourself a timeframe if you can: Setting a specific time frame for working with different projects can be super effective. If something can be put on the back burner then that’s where it will probably go. So try setting your own deadline (and sticking to it).

So we’ve established that it is not your fault that you’ve got a million projects on the go, but you also need to take stock of your your craft space. If it’s a like a dump - it’s not going to help organise your mind! Working in an organised space helps promote efficiency and that’s what we’re aiming for!

Top tips for organising your craft space:

  1. It’s all about the project bags! - Project bags are a fantastic way to keep your individual projects tidy and Dear Ewe have a fabulous range of designs that make it super handy to take your projects on the go with you.

  2. Pegboard Power: Pegboards are perfect for holding crafts supplies and all the various colours of your craft supplies can create a beautiful display. Cut pegboard to the desired size, then frame it with moulding pieces found at a hardware store. Paint the entire piece, let dry, and hang it above your workstation. Pegboard hooks come in various shapes and sizes, so select hooks that will easily hold the items you plan to store.

  3. Jars are not just for jams: Use clear glass or plastic jars to store small supplies, including buttons, thread, and other embellishments. You'll be able to quickly identify what's available while giving your crafts space a pleasing ambience by colour coordinating the jars.

  4. Peg rack perfection: For arts and crafts storage, turn the back of a cupboard door into a smart storage space with a peg rack that holds spools of thread, ribbons, and tools. This nifty trick makes craft organization cheap, easy, and pretty! 

  5. Plastic Fantastic: And for those larger crafting items plastic tubs can be your friend, pop them in a wardrobe, or in a cupboard and have the added bonus of what’s in side at a glance.

Hopefully we’ve helped with some tips to organise your WIPs and your creative space without breaking the bank or losing your mind.

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If you've got some thoughts on this post, leave 'em below, we’d love to read them!

Take care and happy crafting,

Heather and Rebecca

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