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Sheep on the Shelf Competition - We have a winner!

Massive congratulations to Karen aka @_kernowdesigns on Instagram who was the winner of this years Sheep on the Shelf Competition with her sweet little sheep called Yarny!

Sheep Amigurumi getting up to mischief in a Christmas tree
© __kernowdesigns on Instagram

Karen picked the Yarny Ewe mug, from our character range, which I think you'll agree was a perfect mug for her little Ewe!

Sheep amigurumi with Dear Ewe yarny ewe crafter mug
© __kernowdesigns on Instagram

Thank you so much to everyone that joined in with our Sheep on the Shelf Competition, You can see a mini collection of some of the fabulous entries we had below; to see more check out the hashtag #littleeweshelfie on social media.

Photos of entries from Sheep on the Shelf Competition
© Steffs Simple Stitches (Facebook), meghanmakesdo (Instagram), coco.crochet.lee (Instagram) and andshelaughs (Instagram)

The Sheep on the Shelf Competition was so much fun and we’ll definitely be back next year! In the meantime look out for additions to the Dear Ewe flock in the Spring with a knitted version of Little Ewe and crocheted Mama Ewe 🐑🐑

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