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Little Box of Crochet | Learn to Crochet! The Beginner’s Box

Dear Ewe are extremely excited to have been included in a brand new box from the fabulous Little Box of Crochet.

If you've not heard of Amanda Bloom's Little Box of Crochet before it's a monthly crochet subscription box full of crochet delights! And now she has created this one off version which include the best first steps when starting out in crochet.

If you've always been a knitter that wants to crochet, or perhaps you know someone who wants to join the ranks of the yarny obsessed well then look no further! The answer is definitely the beautiful Learn to Crochet beginners box.

Learn to Crochet - Crochet Hook Collection

Amanda's new box aims to help wannabe crocheters who desperately want to learn how to create beautiful projects with some yarn and a hook. Complete with a book with all the techniques, tips and photo tutorials you need to get started and with all the tools and yarn (and some extra goodies) you need to get going!

Learn to Crochet box - Yarn

And of course every newbie crocheter needs a project bag to keep their crochet 'work in progress' in! And we are delighted that our popular 'WIP' bag was chosen to be included!

Our 100% cotton drawstring project bags are perfect for your everyday works in progress and will comfortably hold all the tools and yarn that comes in the box without squishing it!

Learn to Crochet Box - Crochet Project Bag

Whether you've been crocheting for years or want to learn to crochet this box is just such a wonderful treat!

You can find all the full details and how to order the box here.

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