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Granny Square Day 2020 | Special Discount!

Our favourite crochet holiday is returning on 15th August with Granny Square Day 2020!

If you've not heard about Granny Square Day it was started 6 years ago by US crocheter Susan Regalia, who recognised that Instagram’s grid format could be used to replicate the block arrangement of a classic granny square blanket online.

Others soon joined in the fun and Granny Square Day was born! Simply Crochet magazine took over the reins of Granny Square day in 2015 and you can read more about it over on the Simply Crochet Magazine's blog but it's really easy to get involved (as long as you have an Instagram account).

Just take a photo of your granny square and crop the photo so it fits the full square shape of an instagram post and use the hashtag #grannysquareday2020. Your square will then be added to the virtual blanket! To see the blanket, search #grannysquareday2020 – you will need to be viewing in Instagram’s standard three-wide format to get the full effect. Or use hashtag #grannysquaremakes2020

It's such a wonderful celebration of the worldwide crochet community, and of course we are BIG granny square fans here at Dear Ewe HQ, so just like last year to celebrate we've got a flash sale on ALL our crochet chart mugs and bags.

Get 20% discount off any crochet chart item when you use the code: GSD20 at the checkout here on the website or in our Etsy store. Offer ends Saturday 22 August 2020.

Unfortunately a couple of our products are currently out of stock such as and the granny square project bag and also the crocheters gift box. These have been delayed due to current Corvid-19 situation but they will be back in stock hopefully before the end of this month. If you would like to pre-order either of these products (just contact us) before Saturday 22 August 2020 and the 20% discount will still apply.

We can't wait to see all those lovely granny squares you'll be making!

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