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FREE Printable Gift Voucher for Makers

I think it's a fact that as makers we sometimes overload ourselves with wanting to present EVERYONE we know with a handmade gift. Inevitably this results in occasions when we just run out of time to get that gift made - that's where our handy FREE printable gift voucher for makers comes in.

It's a versatile gift certificate for those craft projects that ARE going to be gifted but just aren't quite ready yet. It can also take off a bit of the maker pressure by being able to give 'something' to the person you are making for!

We used some metallic linen cardstock to print our voucher to add a bit of texture and sparkle, and to it to help make it seem a bit more special, but you could print it on kraft card or any paper you like.

There are two cut marks on the left hand side of your voucher so you can embellish it with a bit of yarn from the project your giftee is going to recieve, for a bit of a sneak preview, or a bit of sparkly ribbon.

The back of the certificate is also blank so you could also write your own additional message if required.

The gift certificate is available on a PDF which you can print out at home and customise with your own text.

Steps to voucher fun:

1. Grab your FREE printable gift voucher HERE.

2. Print on card or paper of your choice.

3. Write your message.

4. Add a yarn or ribbon embellishment.

5. Pop it inside a greetings card for your chosen recipient.

The nice thing about these certificates are that they are not only ideal for Christmas but Birthday's too or any anytime you know you are going to be a bit late in giving a gift - handmade takes time right!

We hope you find this voucher useful! Let us know below if you use it for your next 'coming soon' handmade gift!

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