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Dear Ewe is the business baby of crochet designer Heather C Gibbs (aka Keep Calm and Crochet On UK) - with a little help from lovely crafty family and friends!

Dear Ewe was created because we know that being creative is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle choice - and we wanted to cater for the makers out there that appreciate the best in quality and design.

From that mug for your first cuppa in a morning, to artwork on the wall in your ‘happy crafting place’, to the playful quote that makes you smile on our tote bags, crafters should be able to celebrate their passions with a range of high quality, contemporary and functional items designed especially for them.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent (officially recognised as the World Capital of Ceramics) it made sense to use locally produced fine bone china.  Having that artisan touch was something else that was important to us so each of our mugs are hand decorated by skilled lithographers. Our textiles are all hand-finished locally too - sourcing our products close to home and supporting local business owners and our local community was something we were very keen to do.

At Dear Ewe we are also keen to operate our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We believe that all businesses can be a force for good especially for the planet! We are fully committed to trying to do our bit to make a cleaner, safer place for our children and future generations to come!  We reduce our Carbon Footprint by sourcing and manufacture products as locally as possible and, wherever possible, we use recycled, biodegradable, and by-product material to package our products. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of each item we sell so that our customers can be assured that they are getting the best possible products - you won't find anything on this website that we don't want to own ourselves. Everything is crafted with care just for EWE, because EWE matter.

It's also important for us to say that we want everybody to feel welcome to our website and hope that they know they are accepted, respected and safe, regardless of ability, appearance, skills, race, age, colour, gender, sexuality or religious belief. We strongly reject any behaviour or action that contradicts this statement and we will continually strive to create a diverse, inclusive & safe environment for every visitor to our website and any stockists, designers or other various contributors we may potentially work with.

Our aim is to support EWE on your creative journey by designing a range of products that aid and compliment your creative skills. We hope you’ll pop over to our shop and check out our range of gifts designed to help you celebrate your crafty lifestyle.


Heather Gibbs

Crochet Designer and Blogger

Keep Calm and Crochet On UK


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